Three Generations of Building Wilmington

Remodeling/Home Sale Repairs

JM Pollard Building specializes in remodeling and turn key General Contractor related home sale related repairs and bidding for third party home inspection related repairs and negotiations. JM Pollard does not perform work or bidding for The Wilmington Inspection Company due to a conflict of interest with our home inspection business.*

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*Agent/client note- JM Pollard Building charges a fee for each bid depending on extent of repairs, size, and location. Fees for bids normally range from 100-250 per bid. Fees can be paid direcltly to JM Pollard Building or as closing cost when home is bought. If JM Pollard Building is chosen as contractor for said work, a portion of bid fill will be credited to job. JM Pollard Building is dediciated to providing turn key General Contractor related home sale, pre market sale or 3rd party home inspection advising. No handy man related work please. JM Pollard provides trun key estimates for any/all trades and acts as turn key General Contractor for job. This makes for a one stop shop for relators and client needs.